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Don't make it too long though. That's what she said. 

Apr 22, 2021

Andy: Where are you going?

Pam: Uh, not on a three month boat trip.

With our producer Alex vacationing in the Bahamas, we’re dedicating this week’s episode to an arc we're calling 'Andy at Sea’. We go from him embarking on the voyage (and leaving Erin behind) to his early return (“You’re back…and you’re disgusting") and everything that happens in Scranton while he’s gone. We cover why Ed Helms had to miss those episodes, how these developments affect Andy’s overall character arc, and why Dunder Mifflin runs smoothly with him gone.

Then we head to the conference room for a listener-submitted MSPC Bingo Card, and then we close with one quick trivia question.

If you’re sad that Andy took his brother instead of you on the boat trip, just remember that Bob Marley song—no, woman, no cry.

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