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An Office Podcast. 

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Don't make it too long though. That's what she said. 

Oct 29, 2020

With Halloween coming up, this week’s episode is all about Season 7’s Costume Contest! We go through the Scranton staff's attempts to win the prized coupon book, why Danny never called Pam back, and Darryl going over Michael’s head to go behind his back to give a good idea to corporate.

Then we take guesses about...

Oct 15, 2020

"People always talk about triumphs of the human spirit, well today I had a triumph of the human body. That’s why everybody was applauding for me at the end. My guts and my heart, and while I eventually puked my guts out, I never puked my heart out. And I’m very, very proud of that.” - Michael Scott

We take a look...

Oct 8, 2020

“I remember when people thought biceps were ‘all that’. They’d dance all night at the discotheque...Core’s critical. There are four tenets of pilates that I live my life by. One—lengthen, two—elongate”

Gabe has accomplished so much, career-wise and height-wise, that we devoted this week’s episode to...

Oct 1, 2020

Pam: [voicemail message for Jim] "Calling from my cell phone. I don’t know if you guys figured out who did that to Michael’s carpet yet, but I have a theory that involves an inter-departmental conspiracy. Everybody in the office. We need to talk."

This week go back to the reception desk to answer some more listener...