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An Office Podcast. 

We're always taking questions about anything to do with The Office. Hit us up on socials (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) or call (503) 694-9314 to leave us a question, comment, quiz, or hot take.

Don't make it too long though. That's what she said. 

Jan 8, 2020

This week we go to the mailbag to answer some listener questions! So get your suit to the dry cleaners, and get your hair did. And, Karen…um, you may want to invest in a dress or a skirt of some kind if you don’t already have one.

We cover real-life Office moments, first Office memories, rewatching habits, The Office vs. Parks & Rec and 30 Rock, and fan theories about Jan’s pregnancy and Erin and Andy’s relationship. All that plus some additional Office recasts and an expanded trivia challenge. It’s gonna be zoppity!