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Don't make it too long though. That's what she said. 

Feb 4, 2021

“You see, I sit across from a man, I see his face, I see his eyes. Now, does it matter if he wants a hundred dollars of paper, or a hundred million dollars of deep-sea drilling equipment? Don’t be a fool. He wants respect, he wants love, he wants to be younger, he wants to be attractive. There is no such thing as a product. Don’t ever think there is. There is only sex. Everything is sex. You understand that what I’m telling you is a universal truth, Toby.”

He’s the CEO, he’s Bob Kazamakis, he’s the f*cking Lizard King. We dedicate this episode to Robert California, one of the most unique characters in The Office and a defining figure of season 8. We go through all the pool parties, one-man saturnalias, and nature metaphors that comprise Robert’s time on the show. The man speaks of nothing but sex! Well, that’s not true, sometimes he talks about flesh…and bacchanals.

After that we head to the conference room for a new segment where we correct errors on the show. Then we discuss which Office images we’d want as jigsaw puzzles before wrapping with another round of trivia.


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